New MIRS v7

NUCLEMED is pleased to present MIRS newest version 7.0 that runs exclusively in 64 bits achieving greater stability and improved performance regarding processing, calculus and rendering speed.

MIRS v7 expands its borders allowing unlimited maximum screen resolution, doubling the amount of regions of interest (ROI), doubling its space resolution in its 3D region conformation model and including the undo/redo tool during contouring tasks.

MIRS v7 presents its newest feature, DICOM export capability. It allows the user to not only export treatment data (RTPlan objects) but to export studies (CTImage or MRImage), regions (RTStructure objects), dose matices and planes (RTDose objects) and DRR Images (RTImage objects). Our DICOM module is validated to work with Mosaiq™, Aria™ and other networks.

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NUCLEMED is pleased to announce the installation of the first BEAMSCAN in Argentina!

On October 2017 the first BEAMSCAN installation took place in Neuquen, Argentina. FUNMED (Medical Foundation of Rio Negro and Neuquen) is the first entity in Argentina recongnized by the IOMP (International Organization for Medical Physics) as a Medical Physics reference Health Center.

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WinNEUS v4.0 available

NUCLEMED is pleased to announce WInNEUS v4.0 is now available!

  • Additional improvements in image series administration during study loading.
  • Integrated utility program (Series_Extraction©) for image series sorting, handling, evaluation, selection and extraction from any multi-series input.
  • Wider screen resolution support.
  • Re-designed study registration window.
  • Extended capability for study level adjustment with the possibility of high sensitive dragging actions and optional pixel value repair.
  • Faster and more effective automatic tool for study matching optimization during co-registration tasks. Less dependency from initial guess given by user. Optionally matching can be evaluated at whole study space or at selected sub-region.
  • Specific control for general zoom adjustment is included in main window.
  • Re-designed path data window with more information simultaneously showed.
  • Additional interactive tools for point or target definition.
  • Improved generation of 3D views.

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C-Qual M™ Breastboard

The innovative C-Qual M supine breasboard brings a new level of patient comfort and diagnostic compatibility to CIVCO's breast and thorax positioning solutions. The board is made from an image-friendly, non-ferrous material optimizing it for multi-modality use. Integration with the Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner provides a new, efficient approach for arms-up positioning, allowing proper superior/inferior adjustment of the board to the patient, helping reduce patient slide.

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NUCLEMED is CIVCOs exclusive representative in Argentina. For more information on CIVCOs products contact us!