MIRS: Modular Integrated Radiotherapy System

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MIRS is a powerful modular high technology system that allows three-dimensional planning for several radiation treatment modalities such as Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT), Electron Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT), Radiosurgery with Linear Accelerators and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).As all products developed by Nuclemed S.A., MIRS uns on a PC under Windows Operating System, ensuring an economic, scalable and easy to maintain hardware platform.

MIRS adapts virtually to any stereotactic frame and fiducial system and has an exceptionally versatile and user friendly interface. The user can customize screens (WorkSpaces) and save preferences for future use.

MIRS includes a Patients Database, which allows to administrate the Patients being Planned and all Cases linked to them. It allows importing and registering sets of images in any primary orientation, axial, sagital or coronal. MIRS allows automatic intermodality medical image registration. Besides MRI and CT studies, Functional MRI, PET and Angiographic images can be imported and registered. MIRS allows registering sets of images without fiducials with manual and automatic tools. It supports five different modes of fusions between image studies. MIRS allows region definition and contouring in windows containing image reconstructions in arbitrary orientations, axial, sagital, coronal and even oblique planes. MIRS has a security system protected with passwords with several hierarchy access levels. MIRS runs with two different environments so it is possible to plan simultaneously two treatments. In this way the user can take profit of calculation time in one environment to edit or enter data in the other environment for other patient. MIRS Works with Background Dosimetrical Calculations, which allows to progress with treatment planning while system performs dosimetrical calculations administrating and updating dosimetry as raditaion beams ar added or modified, thus optimizing case planning times. MIRS has an advanced print manager that allows the user to customize treatment reports.

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