About Us

About Us

Nuclemed is a company dedicated to develop, produce and market radiotherapy treatment planning systems. Our mission is to create high quality tools to enable advanced radiotherapy at affordable costs.

Since 1986, the company has developed a variety of software products for radiotherapy and sterotactic neurosurgery. There are more than 70 users from different countries of all over the world such as Argentina, Spain, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay, among others.

From its very beginning, Nuclemed is managed by medical physicists, who integrate their clinical as well as their programming expertise in the product design.

Guiding premises of our company policy:

  • High quality, safety and reliability standards.
  • Continuous innovation, development and improvement.
  • Work together with radiotherapy services in order to help them to improve treatment quality.
  • Personalized, committed and confidential relation with our client.
  • Flexibility and quick response.
  • Meeting goals and deadlines engaged.
  • Special advantages for users in software updating.


Even through different society forms NUCLEMED has been working in the field of medical physics since 1985. It was born in Argentina from the enthusiasm of two young nuclear engineers desiring to use their knowledge in science, and more specifically in radiation physics, to create and improve technical applications in some fields of medicine. With the challenge to adapt the continuously growing technologies in treatment modalities, medical imaging and computer capabilities, Nuclemed’s efforts were soon focused on the development of treatment planning systems and any type of associated tool for neurosurgery, radiosurgery and radiotherapy.

Being the only company in Argentina specialized in the field, during the last 30 years many well-known treatment planning systems have been developed and commercialized by NUCLEMED. Systems like POE™ in the 90’s and then improving versions of WinNEUS™ really helped the development of the stereotactic neurosurgery in the region. Other systems like TOP™ and TANGO™ in the 80’s brought a lot of new advantages in Gamma Knife™ radiosurgery planning and even were adopted in prestigious centers of US. In the field of brain stereotactic brachytherapy BRA™ was leader in 80’s and 90’s, while WinGBT™ and WinBIP™ became benchmarks for intra-cavitary and guided prostate brachytherapy respectively. Tele-radiotherapy computing planning became a reality in several countries with the development of PLATON™ (80’s) system, then with WinPLT™ (90’s) and since 2006 with MIRS™. Long was the road to this present where NUCLEMED’s systems have today more than 300 active users in about 20 different countries around the world.

Throughout the years NUCLEMED has supported users offering a wide range of medical physics services, either providing solutions for specific needs or just as part of an integral solution. In recent years the company’s activity in Argentina is complemented with the official and exclusive representation of two world leader trademarks in the radiation therapy field: PTW™ (radiation dosimetry equipment) and CIVCO™ (patient positioning devices).